Press Release 9/13/2019 Print
Friday, September 13 2019 14:27

Reason: Joint Media Release


From: Washington Police Department and Washington CSD

Friday, September 13th, 2019


Earlier today, the District placed the high school in lockdown for a short period of time. This

was done to address a situation where a student was creating a disturbance in school and

damaging District property. The District immediately contacted law enforcement and

worked with law enforcement to appropriately address the student’s conduct and

remove the student from school. Once the student was removed from school the

lockdown ended. No students or staff members were injured as a result of the student’s

actions. The District is continuing to work with law enforcement regarding this situation.

The Washington Police Department and Washington CSD have no further comments at

this time.


Responding to the incident: Washington Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s

Department, and Washington CSD Personnel


Chief Jim Lester

William Stone- Superintendent

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