Lincoln: ELP Students Host Famous Person Night Print

On Tuesday, March 25, the 5th grade ELP students presented speeches/ powerpoints to their friends & family. Each student chose a famous person to study, write about, dress like and bring a food item to share afterwards that represented their person in some way. A fun night was enjoyed by all! Pictured front row (L-R): Cameron (Neil Armstrong), Anna (Ludwig Van Beethoven), CJ (Ole' Christianson), Ayden (Dan Gable), Sarah (Stephen Hawking), Paul (Herbert Hoover), Hunter (Steve Jobs), Cameron (John Lennon). Back row (L-R): Alec (Paul McCartney), Sydney (Peyton Manning), Halle (Jessica Mendoza), Roy (Walter Payton), Raven (Edgar Allan Poe), Keaton (Albert Pujols), Jack (Jackie Robinson) & Angelina (Shel Silverstein). As you can tell, we had a lot of "famous people" in attendance that night!