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2013 Senior Class Night at Community Theater PDF Print E-mail

Washington High School will be holding it's 2013 Senior Class Night at Washington's Community Theater on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. It will not be held in the WHS gymnasium as previously planned.

HS: Mousetrap Car- Physics Challenge PDF Print E-mail

Mr. Richard's Physics Class will be hard to beat this year at the State Physics Olympics on Wednesday, April 17. One team competing is Jacob G. and Dillon D. in the Mousetrap Car Category. The car must meet the following requirements: a minimum of 2 wheels, the sole power source of the car shall be a 2" x 4" mousetrap, changes to the mouse trap are allowed (heat energy changing tension of spring, four holes may be drilled in the trap, the trip mechanism may be removed, one string/ wire may may be attached to the bow for transmission of mechanical energy). The car is allowed two trials to record the distance traveled. We are cheering for Jacob & Dillion! Good Luck!

HS: NHS Inductees PDF Print E-mail

A ceremony was held in March to announce the new WHS National Honor Society (NHS) Inductees. We are proud to have 16 new inductees and everyone was in attendance for the picture! Pictured are: (front row L-R) - Mallory V, Katy W, Caitlin Y, Stephanie F, Holly V; (2nd row L-R) - Ashley R, Amber L, Pasoari W, Madeline H, Alex K; (back row L-R) - Ty S, Jiovanni T, Brittany S, Austin W, Marisa P, Mary Kate H. Congratulations to you all for an honor you well deserve!

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HS: Physics Olympics- Soda Straw Arm PDF Print E-mail

Anna V.G. & Samantha E. will be competing next week in the High School State Physics Olympics- Soda Straw Arm Challenge. During Physics class, they conquered the challenge and created a soda straw arm that is ready for competition! The purpose of the competition is with the supplies (20 jumbo plastic, clear straws, 15 straight pins & one #1 paper clip), to construct the longest arm that will support a 50-gram mass. At competition, they will reconstruct this object and pick up the 50-gram mass using their creation. Good luck Anna & Samantha!

HS: JUMP! PDF Print E-mail

Thanks again to everyone that helped make this years Dodgeball Tournament successful! As you can tell from the picture, players gave it their all with heroic jumps, throws and catches. The WHS National Honor Society would like to thank all participants, as well as all donations that helped make this possible. The profit of $281 will go toward Organ Donation in honor of Organ Donors; specifically, two very special employees of WCSD Erin Kalb & Dorothy Schultz. Thank you!


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